Becoming is better than being.

- Carol S. Dweck

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Positive psychology is “the science of human flourishing and wellbeing” and aims to understand, test, discover and promote factors that allow individuals and communities thrive.


Research has demonstrated that a number of positive psychology practices can effectively raise our level of wellbeing, build resiliency,  help with managing pain and increasing your baseline of happiness. The benefits of happiness are significant and widespread and extend far beyond just feeling good.  Happier people tend to enjoy better health, live a longer life, have closer friendships, are more creative and productive at work and in life, and achieve greater success.


Positive psychology coaching uses the science of well-being and research-based assessments, tools, activities, identification of strengths (using VIA Institute on Character) and interventions to bring about greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life and work.


Disclaimer–Coaching encourages individuals to use their own resources and wisdom to move forward. Positive psychology and coaching are not modalities for treating psychological disorders. If upon assessment or if it is determined later that an individual requires mental health services, they will be advised to consult a licensed mental health professional.