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Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants.

- Jonathan Haidt

Based on individual needs, the following services are available:


  • Conduct a brief review to determine physical and emotional considerations in return to work planning

  • Review transferable skills, abilities and interests to target alternate jobs

  • Conduct labour market research to determine feasibility of alternate jobs

  • Provide a list of suitable alternate occupations with salary information

  • Creation of professional resumes and cover letters and develop applications

  • Provide coaching on cold calling and follow-up

  • Coordinate informational interviews

  • Interview skills coaching and mock interviews

  • Teach clients to use job search resources independently, and how to access the hidden job market

  • Provide job leads and direct placement services

  • Effectively monitor client's participation in job search

  • Reference check service

  • Provide detailed reporting

  • Accurately estimate time and costs

  • Liaise clients with suitable programs/benefits and services






Appropriate for those wanting to change careers as well as those happy with their occupation but interested in exploring different settings.  It is not uncommon for some clients to realize at the assessment stage that they can improve their present level of job satisfaction and career direction by learning to adjust to new workplace trends.  Motivational interviewing, a method that works on facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation within the client in order to change behavior, is used when appropriate.


The program helps clients to:


* Review their work accomplishments

* Recognize what they have liked and disliked in their work history

* Discover what motivates them at work

* Find out what's really important to them in their work setting

* Identify their skills and interests

* Evaluate how well they are balancing their life

* Pull this information together to determine direction

* Research and discover future work possibilities best suited to them

* Create an action plan to reach their goals

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